Enterprise Introduction

Yingkou Fengguang Advanced Material Co., Ltd., established in November 2003, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in research and development, production and sales of chemical additives for polymer materials. It is a supplier of core additive materials, providing polymer additives and solutions for the global polymer material industry. The company mainly produces and develops a series of high-efficiency rubber and plastic additives. The products are mainly neat additives, including both hindered phenolic antioxidants and phosphoric auxiliary antioxidants. And on the basis of these and according to the demands of customers, we have successfully developed integrated additive products, provide one-stop solutions and products for polymer producers. Our sales channel radiates throughout the country and is the core additives supplier of PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC and other world's top 500 enterprises, with market share ranking in the forefront of the industry. The performance of products has reached at an advanced international level. Some products are exported to the Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and US.

The company has been committed to the research and development of polymer additives, and has successively established various forms of technical cooperation with scientific research institutions, such as Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tongji University, which effectively ensures that new products can be launched continuously in the future, so as to constantly create value for Fengguang Stock. The Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC and Department of Science & Technology of Liaoning Province has authenticated the enterprise as"National High-tech Enterprise". Its Research and Development Center was rated as "Technology Center of Provincial Enterprise", and brought into the Incubation Program of Emerging High-Tech Leading Enterprises. In 2020, it was assessed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC as a specialized and new "little giant" enterprise at state level. The company has successively presided over the preparation (revision) of multiple national and industrial standards, such as Antioxidant 168, Antioxidant 1010, Antioxidant 1076 and Antioxidant 626, and become one of the leaders of industrial quality standards.

Shaanxi ECLAT NM Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of Yingkou Fengguang Advanced Material Co., Ltd., established in July 2018, with a registered capital of 200 million yuan, located in Yulin-Hengshan Industrial Zone, and covers an area of 326.21 mu. The main products are additives and catalysts applied in polymer materials. 

Enterprise Culture

Enterprise Culture

  • Mission

    Chemistry contributes to a better life, Innovation opens up a low-carbon future

  • Vision

    Global Leader in Polymer Materials Additive

  • Enterprise Value

    Responsibility, High-Efficiency, Innovation, Development and Harmony

  • Strategic Targets

    Become the world's largest provider of polymer material additives

  • Enterprise Philosophy:Responsibility

    · Enterprise Responsibility - Repay society with sustainable and healthy development

    · Leadership Responsibility - Develop the enterprise with strong dedication to work

    · Employee Responsibility - Serve the enterprise with professional attitude

    · Job Responsibility - Do the right thing in the right way

    Enterprise Philosophy


  • Enterprise Philosophy:High Efficiency

    · Enterprise Efficiency: Obtain the maximum profit with the least resources

    · Leadership Efficiency:  Realize the best result within the shortest time

    · Employee Efficiency: Get things done at the first time

    · Position Efficiency: Handle affairs in strict accordance with workflows and methods of the position

    Enterprise Philosophy

    High Efficiency

  • Enterprise Philosophy:Innovation

    · Enterprise Innovation: Reduce resource consumption, cut down environmental impact and Improve social benefits

    · Leadership Innovation: Reduce ineffective management, reduce operating costs and improve management efficiency

    · Employee Innovation: Utilize scientific methods, reduce ineffective work and improve work ability

    · Position Innovation: Optimize workflow of the position, improve work methods and raise work efficiency

    Enterprise Philosophy


  • Enterprise Philosophy:Development

    · Enterprise Development: Contribute value to the society and gain employees respect

    · Leadership Development: Create value for the enterprise and develop subordinates

    · Employee Development: Accelerate business ability and realize personal value

    · Job Development: Specify work methods and improve work accuracy

    Enterprise Philosophy


  • Enterprise Philosophy:Harmony

    · Enterprise Harmony: People foremost ideas and dedication to society

    · Leadership Harmony: Manage affairs in principle and manage employees with tenderness

    · Employee Harmony: Help each other and make common progress

    · Position Harmony: Standardize action and assist actively

    Enterprise Philosophy


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