Salary & Welfare

Salary & Welfare

Salary & Welfare

Competitive Salary & Welfare in the Industry

We are committed to developing a fair, justice and effective salary system to motivate employees, improve and maintain our continuous competitiveness in the market through regular all-around salary increases and irregular individual salary adjustments each year. Salary & Welfare: five insurances and one fund, dormitory of employees, lunch allowance, holiday gifts, maternity allowance, shuttle bus, free physical examination, thirteen months salary, yearly bonus, stock-based compensation and etc.

Colorful After-Hour Life

Yingkou Fengguang Advanced Material Co., Ltd. has prepared a rich and colorful after-hour life for every employee, such as traveling outside, team construction activities, Communist party member activities, Labor Union activities and so on.

Great Working Environment and Career Development

We provide a safe and good working environment for every employee and a broad career development platform for each aspiring youth. The company and employees share the future of "Fengguang".

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