Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Policies

Environmental Policies

Synchronize development and protection, Combine prevention and government;

Conserve energy, Reduce consumption and Lessen emission, Build a green home together.

Occupational Health and Safety Policies

Concern life and health, Control and prevent risks;

Standardize work behavior, Ensure health and safety.

Commitment to Sustainable Development

Yingkou Fengguang Advanced Material Co., Ltd. actively responds to the sustainable development goals of the UN, while providing decent quality products and services, integrates the concept of sustainability development management into the operation of business, establishes a sustainable development management system, adheres to the principles of ethical and compliance operation and continuously strengthens communication with stakeholders to ensure the sustainable development of the company and repays customers and the society!

Commitment to Safety Production

Zero major production accident, Zero serious injuries, Zero death, Zero environmental and occupational disease accident

Commitment of Anti-Corruption

Yingkou Fengguang Advanced Material Co., Ltd. pays great attention to the construction of integrity, has established relative systems, such as the Standard of Conduct, Management System of Appeal Mechanism and Control Procedure of Commercial Morality, and has organized employees to sign the Letter of Commitment against Corruption, which forms a smooth reporting channel and rigorous investigation procedures, strives to build an incorruptible culture of the enterprise and commits to becoming a model enterprise in the field of anti-corruption.

Commitment to Sustainable Procurement

Yingkou Fengguang Advanced Material Co., Ltd. positively forges an open, fair, transparent and responsible procurement environment, forwardly conducts cooperation with suppliers on sustainable base and formulates the Standard of Conduct for Suppliers to ensure that products and services meet the requirements of sustainable development from the source.

Commitment to Labor and Human Rights

Yingkou Fengguang Advanced Material Co., Ltd. strictly complies with the Labor Law and other relevant national laws and regulations, adheres to fair, justice and open recruitment and employment policies, firmly prohibit the employment of child labor and takes safeguard measures for female workers and juveniles to ensure their sustainable production capacity and mobilize their work enthusiasm to the great extent. We promise that there will be no discrimination due to gender, race, marriage status, physiology, surname, region, religious belief and other differences in working environment of the company and respect the thinking method and opinions from each employee.

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